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2022-12-08 11:03:49 By : Mr. Xiangqian Xie

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Thinking about updating your bathroom vanity? Landing the ideal mix of design and function can be tricky, and we're here to make it easy. Check out these five top-rated bathroom vanities, full of size and storage options for any aesthetic.

Buying Guide for Bathroom Vanities Our Picks for the Best Bathroom Vanities Final Thoughts

Why buy a new bathroom vanity?

It’s one of the easier renovation projects, especially if your purchase includes a countertop and sink in one, like these popular models. Switching out your outdated vanity can change the vibe of the entire room, spinning your old bathroom into a modern space that meets contemporary storage and design demands. If you live in a smaller house or condo, replacing an unnecessarily large vanity with a more compact model (or vice versa) can resurrect some of that floor and wall space. Plus, they’re shiny and new, adding extra sparkle to a less-than-exciting bathroom.

What should you consider when buying a bathroom vanity?

Which materials should a quality bathroom vanity feature?

To ensure long use and durability, stick to vanities that feature easy-to-clean materials, like ceramic for sinks and waterproof wood or engineered wood for cupboards. If you’ve got your eye on a fancier marble option, just be sure to clean spills asap, as your beautiful marble is also porous and can dull over time, if not cared for.

Sturdy, stylish, and super easy to clean.

Pros: An all-in-one choice, this bathroom vanity cabinet from Walsport is a clean, classic option, perfect for an outdated master or guest bathroom lacking storage. Its authentic wood frame, available in bright white, black, and charcoal gray, boasts a sleek, rectangular undermounted sink accented with a stylish, durable chrome faucet and pop-up drain for a smooth, clog-free experience. The 36-inch vanity offers lots of storage variety with its cabinet and trio of drawers adorned in contemporary alloy handles that elevate your entire space. Your purchase also includes a wide-frame vanity mirror, completing this all-in-one vanity-sink combo.

Cons: You’ll spend some time assembling your new vanity with the included hardware and tools. It might help to look up a video for some guidance if the instructions aren’t cutting it.

Bottom Line: Compared to competing wood models, this full-feature bathroom vanity comes at a great value. Pick the perfect finish, set time aside to install, and enjoy more modern mornings and nights.

Pros: Downsizing? The compact U-Eway sink and vanity combo is a simple, elegant addition to your smaller bathroom. Your new adjustable, dual-shelf vanity boasts an eco-friendly, waterproof build constructed from quality engineered wood and slow-close, stainless-steel hinges for easy cleaning and smooth operation. Choose from eight gorgeous sink options, each made from whimsical tempered glass, including clear, blue, and green finishes for a super unique splash of interest—the sink is a statement piece, alone. It also includes an ORB-finished faucet set, pop-up drain, mounting ring, and water-supply lines.

Cons: Double-check your bathroom’s dimensions, especially depth, as this cabinet vanity is 20 inches deep and may stick out a tad far in extra-small spaces.

Bottom Line: If you don’t want to compromise style for more space, this mini bathroom vanity with a beautiful glass sink is a solid option. Your space-restricted bathroom won’t know what hit it.

Pros: Ever see a floating sink? This rustic, wall-mounted cabinet with extra-large, ceramic vessel sink from eclife is an homage to elegance and modern flare. Handmade with durable, eco-friendly and wear-resistant materials, your new vanity, including a floating shelf and 23-inch mirror, is smooth to the touch with faux grain design and built sturdy with 304 stainless-steel spout, chrome-plated surface, solid brass structure, and a ceramic sink valve. Add extra interest with one of ten deep, vibrant sink colors (including clear and ocean blue) for an elevated experience.

Cons: This vanity sits low to the ground without a pedestal underneath.

Bottom Line: For a low-end price, you’re getting the works, including a shelf, mirror, and tons of sink options. It pairs excellently with modern and country-chic motifs.

Constructed with resistant, engineered stone.

Pros: You’ve got the most size options in this fancy Pannow vanity top. Depending on your space, you can add up to 61 inches of double-sink counterspace to your bathroom—simply measure and choose your dream marble sink, whether single or double. Each countertop is heat-resistant and anti-scratch and protects precious, pre-sealed marble from yellowing over time. Another great thing about marble? It pairs fabulously with all types of cabinetry, whether dark or light, contemporary or traditional. Your new countertop comes with a four-inch-high backsplash and pre-drilled easier installation.

Cons: The Pannow vanity top doesn’t include sink hardware or cabinetry, so if you’re looking for an all-in-one package, you may want to consider something else.

Bottom Line: An excellent find for folks who appreciate elegant marble and are open to shopping for cabinets separately. With tons of size options, you’re sure to find the perfect fit.

Perfect for small bathrooms in modern homes.

Pros: If you love a solid corner piece, consider this modern spin on an antique-inspired sink. Available through Renovators Supply Manufacturing, this Myrtle Corner wall-mounted vanity, including sink, chrome faucet, and dual shelves, is a high-quality space saver in tiny homes or businesses—it’s conveniently compact (approximately 23 x 16 x 12 inches) and snuggly sits in any open corner. Its roomy, smooth, oak cabinet makes for a sleek and modern feel, storing away everyday toiletries (or hiding them from your guests) with ease. Your compact corner vanity is stain-free and scratch-resistant, so feel free to live your fun, messy life.

Cons: This may not be the most durable, high-quality option.

Bottom Line: If the size is right, this small corner sink will maximize space in your already tiny bathroom. It serves its basic purposes without compromising on sleekness and style.

Retro with tons of cabinet and drawer space.

Pros: A premium addition to your upscale bathroom, the Render vanity with integrated sink by Modway is the definition of organic, midcentury elegance. It’s strong, sturdy frame is constructed from quality engineered wood, giving the look and feel of authentic wood (with walnut-grain laminate) with longer lasting, more practical functionality. The single vanity with double drawers features a large ceramic sink and countertop, atop flared legs, with soft-close cabinet doors and full-extension drawers hidden behind a cool, funky mid-century design. No worries about cramping your home’s retro style with this throwback vanity piece.

Cons: Your Render vanity doesn’t include sink faucet or handles/knobs, so you’ll need to shop for those separately.

Bottom Line: Continue your unique theme throughout the entire house with this unique single vanity. It’s got higher price tag because it’s durable, spacey, and delivers that oh-so-sought-after retro vibe.

The vanity is one of the most essential parts of your bathroom. It’s got everything and the bathroom sink, housing all your daily care necessities—toiletries, towels, bathroom tissue, and whatever else your daily routine demands. The right sink and counter combo can tie together an entire bathroom, and by simply upgrading your vanity, you’ll turn your bathroom into a whole new space.

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